LS Authentic Sunglasses

LS Authentic Sunglasses
We are selling Original Pre-order Sunglasses. Some items might be available in stocks at LS Shop. If interested you may pay full amount or deposit at least a minimum of 80% of the price of the item you wish to purchase. Items purchased/ordered & deposit made are non-refundable.

Saturday, 20 March 2010

Clearance Stock

 Clearance Stock Offer up to 06.04.2010
Hurry, while stock last!!!

Spy Black Flys Damian III Sunglasses
Frame Colour: Red
Lens Colour: Grey
Usual Price: BND $170.00
Price: BND $150.00 (Now)
1 Available in stock

Oakley Oil Drum Sunglasses
Frame Colour: Dark Brown
Price: BND $250.00
Price: BND $220.00 (Now)
1 left in stock

Sold out In Stock Items

SPY Nolen Sunglasses
Colour: Fade Brown
Price: BND $200.00

Spy 42 Sunglasses
Colour: Brown
Price: BND $180.00